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Both of my parents were lovers of nature, they use to love hiking, escalating mountains, swimming in lakes and exploring the wilderness. In the 60s my father found that land close to the place I was born, Macaé. At the furthest point of valley, very inaccessible, where nature is pristine, the water flows and animals still live in their original habitat. Since I was a child we use to go to that place enjoying hikes and waterfall.  Since my parents both died, I decided with the support of my two brothers, to do a private ecological reserve, which in Brasil is called RPPN ( Private Reserve of natural patrimony ) which will guarantee that anything can be build in this land. Several activities have been encouraged such as hikes to the site and the renovation of an old mandioc flower mill ( casa de farinha de mandioca),  which will perpetuate a tradition in the land.

Mario e Alba Corral no Sitio de Glicerio
RPPN Mario e Alba Corral: Mon travail
RPPN Mario e Alba Corral: Galerie


Private Reserve of Natural Heritage (RPPN) is a category of conservation unit created by the will of the rural owner, that is, without land expropriation.
When deciding to create an RPPN, the owner is committed to the conservation of nature, cultural heritage and biodiversity.

RPPN Mario e Alba Corral: Texte
RPPN Mario e Alba Corral: Texte
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