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As part of the process of the UN Global Agendas at the 1990´s, starting by the UN Conference on Environment and Development, also known as the Rio Conference in 1992. I was the coordinator of a very unique process between 1990-1992. As a co-founder of WEDO ( Women, Environment and Development Organization) together with Wangari Mathaai, Bela Abzug, Vandana Shiva and many others, we were able to open the heavy doors of the UN and to introduce a new vision of women on critical global issues. The 14 topics of the Women´s Action Agenda 21 were then presented at the Rio Conference at the women´s tent called Planet Femea, where women´s networks from all over the world participated, making it a very unique event in the history of women´s movement


Women Radio Network - 
CEMINA connected women to the potential of radio in Brazil, creating over two decades a very powerful network of 400 women´s radio programs distributed all over Brazil. CEMINA was also the first organization in Brasil to address gender and the digital divide by associating telecenter to community radios. That innovative association has given to the organization major awards, including the Sillicon Valley Award of Technologies that Benefit Humanity.


In the words of Bella Abzug, co-founder of WEDO ( Women, Environment and Development Organization) all issues are women's issues and we must all wear the hat of an advocate. 
WEDO mobilize women around the world to facilitate an advocacy across global institutions. 


A unique project in terms of integrating Climate Change solutions, poverty reduction, and women´s empowerment in one of the most affected biomes of Brazil - the semi-arid region. Adapta Sertao is a pioneering project in terms of creating a new vision of ecosystem regeneration – working not only on agriculture but also connecting policy systems, farmers, cooperatives, science and technology.

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