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My most unique quality is my ability to be a committed catalyzer. I can see connections and possibilities of convergence in many levels simultaneously. For most people this is difficult, as we tend to work only in one level and to become knowledgeable in only one area, often missing the connections and interactions where richness and expansion lies.  I have been able to create transformation with few resources and to craft the conditions to empower people who were looking to make positive change happen.  
My unique understanding of the potential of hidden connections has allowed the projects I lead and have led over the years to be pioneers in their nature and champions of concrete results. 
I have connected women to the potential of radio in Brazil, creating over two decades a very powerful network of 400 women´s radio programs distributed all over Brazil. I helped to integrate the women and environmental movements by founding the first Brazilian NGO that articulated both areas. I co-created the project Adapta Sertão that regenerates soil, agriculture, forests, appropriate technology, policies, community-based-organizations, cooperatives, local policies, local governments, and territorial identity.  I also founded and direct Sinal do Vale, a learning community and international platform that seeks to create agents of transformation for resilient communities. 
I feel that over the last three decades I have developed inner and outer competencies that are key for leadership in our complex times. I know how to develop and work in teams based on partnerships rather than hierarchy.  Many of these partnerships have lasted for long periods of time, enabling these individuals to transform as well.  I also have learned to distill the authentic expression of people´s souls, which helps me and them to find the way and create the conditions to let their gifts thrive.  Over all these years of hard work I have learned to create more loving cultures of work, in which there is a blend of power to do things and love to sustain them over time. My lifelong inquiry has been to create continuity – to ask and to answer “how can I perceive and build on the precious contributions of the past while enabling the new ones that emerge to continue and evolve”…. I seek to create a continuous flow of love and benefit that makes things better.

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"Life speaks eloquently with and around you. If you are greatly sensitive and alert, you can receive its communication, understand and respond to its elegant expression, its thrilling song."

Vimala Thakar

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