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Ms. Thais Corral is a social innovator and entrepreneur as well as a women’s rights and ecological activist. She is the founder of Sinal do Vale, a Brazilian regeneration campus for action learning located near Rio de Janeiro, which serves as a centre for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities and individuals. 

She is one of the leaders who actively participated in organization of the Earth Summit in 1992. Together with the nobel prize winner Wangari Mathaai and American Congresswoman, Bella Abzug, she was a co-founder of WEDO (Women, Environment and Development Organization) and two well respected non governmental organizations in Brazil: REDEH (Network of Human Development) and CEMINA (Communication, Education and Information on Gender), which supported the creation of a network of 400 women’s radio programs all over Brazil. 

For her accomplishments, she was awarded the “Women of the year 2001” title by the Brazilian National Council of Women. As part of WEDO, she won the UNEP Global Champions in 2006 and the Tech Interactive Award of social technologies that benefit economy by Silicon Valley.

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" Where there is great love, there are always miracles."

Willa Carther

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